Monday, June 02, 2008

Before the Gig

Behind the stage of a small club in Seattle just before the Smashing Pumpkins' gig. The Smashing Pumpkins performed with 50 professional clowns on the stage playing ‘Geek USA’. James Iha n Nathan Larson from the band Shutter gave instructions to the clowns what was the gig is all about n what is funny.

James Iha : What we wanna do is kinda incorporate clown, funny thing, with the rock and roll vibe
Nathan Larson : An alternative rock
James Iha : Right…
Nathan Larson : Scenario with the…
James Iha : The big, the big nose is funny, yes it is funny
Nathan Larson : The big nose is funny
Nathan Larson : The big pants, the big pants are funny
Nathan Larson : The big tie is funny
Nathan Larson : That hats are, uh, perhaps could go
Nathan Larson : Now, have I mentioned?
Nathan Larson : People, those people who smoke, remember that the, uh, funny noses are indeed flammable
James Iha : Funny noses…
Nathan Larson : Now, fire is, fire is funny, but a flaming clown…
James n Nathan : Is not funny
Clown Manager : All right, all right, you clown. Let’s go now
James Iha : Okay…
Nathan Larson : All right…
Nathan Larson : It’s time to go.
Clown Manager : C’mon, c’mon
James Iha : People, let’s have a good day today
Billy Corgan : Let’s go kill ’em

(the scene was taken from the Smashing Pumpkins 1991-2000 Greatest Hits Video Collection)

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