Sunday, November 22, 2009

What’s in a Name?

I love Pizza

Tonight, Kecil and I decided to go to dine at EX. We chose Pizza Hut over the others because the restaurant is near the center stage so we can still hear the live performance from “we never heard before” bands. When we enter the hut, it was blues jam by a trio (two or them expartriats, we presumed) which was playing 15 or (30 minutes) non stop blues.

One of the hut’s waitress greeted us and then lead us where to sit.

“Here you are, sir. Have a menu. If you want to order, please kindly contact me, Rina” said the waitress.

Kecil wanted a lasagna and I wanted a taste of beef spaghetti. In a flick of a hand, I call for an assistance. A waiter approached.

“Ready to order, Sir?” said the waiter.

“We would like to have lasagna, beef spaghetti, chicken wing, ice lemon tea, and mocca float, please”.

“Perfect choice, Sir. Please wait for 14 minutes to complete your order. If you have anything else to ask, please contact me, Panji.” said Panji the Waiter showing his name tag.

A little chit and a bunch of chat, Kecil dan I built that evening until all of our order served. Another waiter showed up in the middle of dinner to place extra napkin on our table.

“Here are extra napkins, Sir. Are all of your orders served, Sir?” said the waiter.

“Hhmmm, yeah (munch munch munch).” I can’t talk much when my mouth is full :D

“Well then, if you want to order ice cream for desert, please do contact me, Yan.” then he left.

I looked at Kecil and said, “Ay, we have been here for not more than half an hour, yet we already have to memorize three of the employees. I guess when we leave the restaurant in an hour, we will know all of the employees and their managements.”

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putri mimpi said...

hwaaa kog samaan sih,, kemaren aku juga ke piza hut.. hehe

anza said...

gak level lawn, biasa makan di warteg..

matahari said...

@ nuril : haha, iya tah?
@ anza : yah, gw emang gak level makan di pizza hut. gw emang biasanya makan di warteg. tapi mbok ya jangan di forum publik ngomong gw gak level makan pizza hut...