Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Me & My Big Mouth

Melati and I found our self chatting in the corner of the table when Mr Manager took the whole employees for a birthday treat. It was not a proper place to talk, but I was so disturbed by the situation at the office. I have got to talk to human being or otherwise I could explode.

Matahari : ….in that case, I think that’s not a proper way to reassign someone to other region.
Melati : Yess, I agree, Mas.

Both of us had our silence. Rethinking about what a b#tch life can be when suddenly someone said…

Mawar : Who’s going to be reassigned?

Mawar who was sitting next to Melati eavesdropped us.

Matahari : Umm, apparently I was not talking to you, Mbak. So, it means “Sorry, it is none of your business.”
Mawar : Woooaaaaaah, you are so cruel, Mas.
Matahari : Well, when I’m not talking to you doesn’t mean that I am cruel, does it?

The moral of the story is, stay focus with your meal. It’s a finger licking “Medan Baru” steamed fish head, for God sake!!

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oCHa said...

for GOD sake, i don't know what u've talked :D

didut said...

asli aku rak dong

matahari said...

@ ocha : hahahaha, latihan nulis kiii :P
@ didut : daya dong-nya jangan kerendahen to, pak