Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Receptionist Tale

On my last bussiness trip, I tried to arrange my lodge by phone. It actually a lavish resort hotel, but I often call it a transit because I didn't get much time enjoying it. What do you expect by checking in at dusk and checking out at break of dawn?

I dialed the number and a lovely female voice greeted me.

The Receptionist: Hotel Transit, good evening, with The Receptionist, how may I assist you?

Me: Hello, Miss. Good evening. I'm Lawni. Can I book a room for one person tonight? Just one night, I'm planning checking out tomorrow morning.

The Receptionist: Ofcourse, Sir. May i know your full name, Sir?

Me: Lawni Tenisa - T E N I S A with a "T"

The Receptionist: Allright, Sir. Conforming your order: one deluxe room for tonight for two persons and...

Me: I'm sorry for the interruption, Miss. But I'm comming alone. Are you planning to join me?

The Receptionist: Hehehe, pardon me, Sir (it probably means I'll see you at the hotel).

Well, she is the receptionist.



diditjogja said...

waa....kenapa aku gak pernah ditawarin ya :p

ibod said...

wealaaaahhh =))

ibod lagi said...

TENISA with a "P"

matahari said...

@ bodro : c'mon! once they had a sign board at the airport with my name misspelled!

@ kecil : OK, hon. let's check it in the dictionary. Hon, you got it wrong. I booked for one person, she said for two. How am I suppose to find a companion except she tried to volunteer her self?