Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tips for "Mendhoan" Lover

Since my longing for having a fasting break with my family, I decided to cook "Mendhoan" for today. Sadly, after all of those efforts, the result was not satisfying as I expected. I can't taste the freshness n the sweetness of the "mendhoan". The colour of the "mendhoan" was not bright even after I put some "kunyit" to add some yellowish colour and it was bitter right after the first bite.

What was wrong? So I dialed "the Master of "Mendhoan" Crafting" I know, Mommy.

Was it the flour? Because I had it for about a month or so.

No, you can keep the flour for 2 month if you preserve it carefully, she said.

Was it the tempe, then? I bought it like a week ago.

That might be the problem. Because it is "mendho", medium rare, you have to depend on the freshness of the tempe. The best tempe for "mendhoan" is the 2 days old tempe. Tempe a week of age is eatable as a "tempe korek", "oseng-oseng", or being simply fried but not as "mendhoan".

Nice tips, Mom.

Our conversation was ended by the "adzan Magrib" I heard over the telephone.



momon said...

hmmm.. yummmiiii.... =p~

this is it.. mendhoan ala chef lawni tennisa *ngomong ala farah quinn* :D

matahari said...

Sarah who?

Gak perlu jadi chef kalo cuma bikin mendhoan mah.

Lagian, "N" di Tenisa seharusnya cuma satu.


momon said...

bukan sarah.. tapi farah :D

waaaakkss.. maap, namanya di tambahin n satuh lagi :D
tapi ga' suruh buat bubur merah putih kan? xixixi

matahari said...

Oooo farah ya? Blom kenalan sih soalnya.

Tenang Mon, gak disuruh bikin bubur merah putih kok. Tapi buatin ayam kremes ala suharti. Kekeke