Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wrong Number

- riiiiiing - 
Lawni : Hello...
Sexy Female Stranger : good morning, Sir. Can I talk to Mr Mulyono, please. 
L : oh I'm sorry, Ma'am. This is not Mr Mulyono's office
SFS : but I think the operator gave me this line to Mr Mulyono's
L : perhaps the operator got it wrong, Ma'am. There is no Mr Mulyono here
SFS : this is the Milking Co. right? 
L : yes, you are correct. Which department is Mr Mulyono incharge on?
SFS : I believe it's on Asset Management 
L : well, this is the Marketing Department
SFS : oh, I'm so sorry. But what nationality are you?
L : (LOL) I think that my nationality doesn't have anything to do to with your problem here, Ma'am :))
SFS : (laughing) hahaha, I'm sorry. I'm calling from Phillipina, I'm Phillipino. 
L : okay, if my nationality would make your day easier, I'm Indonesian. 
SFS : hahaha, okay. Sorry for being a bother, Sir. 
L : No problem, Ma'am. Have a nice day. 
- click -
(end of conversation)



wdz said...

the problem is ... how do you know if it's sexy female…

matahari said...

use your imagination, Dude :D