Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Shot Deal? Big Deal...

Mr Kim Jae Su is a big shot deal in this Milking Cow Co. I have to respect him, yes. About his heir is another story. This is an absolute fictional plot I have in mind if I met Mr Kim's Junior. Why? Because Junior has an irritating introduction, a strong statement in advance which informs that he is Mr Kim's son.

Junior : (lame hand shake) Hello, I'm Junior, Mr Kim Jae Su's son.
Matahari : (firm hand shake) Nice to meet you, I'm Matahari, Mr Soe The Tio's son.
Jr : And who that might be?
Matahari : Oh he is just Mrs Soe Lin Poe's husband.
Jr : And she is?
Matahari : She is Soe Tie Qi's mother.
Jr : Dude, I don't really need to know all of your family member.
Matahari : Same here, Dude. Same here.


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