Friday, July 13, 2012

A Demanding Note

My girlfriend asked me these questions. So, I give her answers and make it as post because today is our monthversarry.

 Happy 2nd monthversary, Cantik.

Would you kiss my lips in public?
 Yes, I would. Only if you were comfortable, Darling.

 Would you read me a poet every day?
 I do poet once and awhile, but I am sure I would kiss and hug you everyday.

Would you make a cup of tea after I cried?
 No, I would not make you a cup of tea. I would cuddle you each and everytime after you cry instead. Because there is nothing gives you comfort beside a cuddle. 

Would our most favorite place is the beach?
No, because my most favourite place is beside you.

Would you cook me a dinner sometimes?
I would cook you dinner :)

Would we have a chat before sleep?
We are and we will, Honey :)

Would you let me pick your office shirt every day?
No, I would let you pick my shirt out of the cabinet everyday AND I would let you pick the shirt out of the store everytime when I needed one.

Would you finally show that you can cry?
Yes, I would. I don't have anything to hide.

Would you stop acting gentlemen and be foolish?
Yes, I would :P 

Would we drive somewhere only we know? 
Let's get lost, Baby :) 

Would we make love everyday? I mean really everyday?
I would "love" to :)

Would you mind if I share my love to our kids? 
No, because I would also share my love to other girl, a girl who calls you mommy. 

Would you be jealous to the pillow I hug more than you? 
No, I wouldn't. Because that gives me a chance to hug you. 

Would we have a day to stay in bed all day? 
Yes, why not? Especially when it is a rainy day, we could swim the blanket. 

Would we laugh at ourselves through aging? 
Yes, I wish I could count your grey hair. 

Would we have a tree to carve our name in it? 
No I wouldn't not carve a tree, that is a vandalisme to nature. I would buy you a small piece of property, build you a garden, and name it after our name instead. That way no nature would be harmed and people would now our love story. 

Would I see you lying beside me in the graveyard? 
Yes, you will, Darling. Only if you didn't complaint like you did when you said your side of the bed is less then mine. 

Would our kids celebrate our love afterwards? 
Insyaallah, let's celebrate our love so they could learn how to celebrate theirs like we do. 

Thanks to Mita for giving her the idea. Cheers.